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  Machine: 18134 Misc. Flexible Packaging
65" wide inline score cut machine with AC vector drive
  Maker: *Dusenbery
  Width: 65 ''

This order will consist of the following for customers model 635 with a distance between the side frames of 76";
1. One female knife shaft, A=62”, part number 14600, do not add the gear.
2. 12872 4 pcs, 12784 2 pcs.
3. 13760 20 pcs.
4. For the beam, dovetail, controls, ETC… this is what we are putting on the Briteline 10000. Check with Mark or Mike Maddocks, I believe Mike did DWGs on the parts for this modification. Note on this, when we build the beam we what to make it a little shorter than the wide of the side frames. Than have a spacer made to take up the difference.
5. 32570 1 pcs.
6. 22960 1 PCs and 22940 1 pcs.