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  Machine: 18978 Duplex Center Slitters
Gawan duplex cantellevered rewind 25" rewind diameter
  Maker: Gawan
  Width: 63 ''

Gawan duplex slitter rewinder, year is 2010, maximum speed is 300MPM three motor drive/AC vector Siemens with Siemens PLC and touch screen, main drive is 7.5 HP and each rewind is driven by a 15HP motor. Maximum rewind diameter of 25 with 10 pair of pneumatic lay on roll arm assemblies, max web width of 63, Maximum unwind diameter of 40, rewind on both 3 and 6 ID core, the shafts are indirect friction air differential, unwind chuck for 3 and 6 cores, Static control, slitting is both shear and razor, splice table, built in trim winders, class 1000 clean room rated, rewind unloader, 1 minimum slit width, automatic edge guide, tacky rolls after slitting for cleaning off slitter dust. One driven spreader roll for removing wrinkles prior to slitting.
Electric unwind brake with closed loop unwind tension control. Unwind is pick up from the floor. Power is 460-3-60.