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  Machine: 19003 Duplex Center Slitters
REM 3250 duplex slitter rewind, 24" rewind, 24" unwind
  Maker: REM
  Width: 20 ''

REM 3250, 20”maximum web width was sold to slit and wind pressure sensitive tapes. The maximum rewind diameter of 24" and the machine is set up for differential center winding or surface center winding on 3" ID cores. Maximum speed is 500 FPM with a single motor drive . Slitting is shear cut with a stacked female knife shaft and male knife shaft (male knife shaft is missing) and razor slitting. Rewind is cantilever for easy removal of rewind rewound rolls. Automatic programmable nip pressure control. The unwind has a maximum diameter of 24". Accuweb automatic edge guiding. Unwind tension is closed loop with a pair of load cells and a Montalvo PID controller. 3” air expanding cantilever unwind shaft. Power requirement is 240-3-60.