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Drive Upgrades

Benick's  New Dual Motor
Drive Upgrade.

  • Enhanced Reliability

  • Ease of Operation

  • Cost Effective

The Two Motor Drive system is comprised of two new ac motors, a Drive control cabinet and an operator station. 

The operator station will contain an "EZ Touch" Touch screen operator interface terminal, and traditional pushbutton and potentiometer operator controls. The operator terminal will provide a data entry point for the operator to input material and machine parameters for automated tension control and mandrel slowdown as roll diameter builds. This feature will provide automated taper tension control for the rewind rolls, control the over speed of the rewind mandrels, and will also control the counter presets. Operator controls at the operator panel include: Reset, Start, Stop, Jog, Run speed, Jog speed, E stop and Edge guide controls. The EZ touch interface terminal provides for data input of: Core diameter, material thickness, start tension, taper percent, mandrel over speed, counter slow down set point, and stop set point. The terminal will indicate: length Count, machine speed, and roll diameter.
The Drive control enclosure houses the Main drive, Rewind drive and all associated controls, relays and associated wiring. The drive cabinet is a Nema 12 class enclosure and has a door mounted disconnect, input choke and dynamic braking. The control logic is performed using a direct logic 205 PLC. Other plc systems can be integrated at customer request. A system wiring schematic, drive manual and counter manual are provided.

 The Ac motors are US Motors Black Max vector duty ac motors. The main drive is 7.5 HP and the rewind is 10HP. The system is quoted for 460VAC 3 phase input but can be wired for any 3 phase voltage at additional cost.


Option 1 Customer install the system with in house technician.

Option 2  Customer to contract local electrician.

Option 3  Customer can contract one of Benick Machinework's technicians to install the upgrade. Estimated time for installation is 2 days.

Call 860-963-0255 for additional information and technical assistance.

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