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Two Drum Winder, what it is, and what it does.

The Two Drum Winder, commonly referred to as Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder, is a vital machine used in the conversion of Paper material. The Two Drum Winder is designed to convert a wide roll of material, usually a paper product, with large outer diameters, into several thinner rolls of equal or less diameter. The slitter starts by unwinding a  master or mill roll, continues by slitting the unwound material into various widths, and finally completes the process by rewinding  the slit material onto cores of various widths.

Two Drum Winder Slitters are available in various widths, with many configurations, depending on the needs of the customer. Pictured below is a Langston Two Drum Winder Slitter . Click a link below for more information.


Two Drum Slitter Rewinder

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